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Milekons – highly effective ecologically safe food preservative of new generation.
It shows bactericidal and antimycotic activity in the relation with wide range of bacteria, mould and fungus.

Milekons – polydimetildiallilammony sucrose chloride, is issued in the form of 25% water solution. It sees as dense colourless or slightly yellowish liquid with a specific smell.
Product is packaged in capacity from 10 ml to 60 l, intended for the food purposes.
Necessary working concentration are received by dissolution by water or spirit to demanded concentration.
Bactericidal activity of solutions for various species of microorganisms is defined at concentration beginning from 0.001 %.
Milekons - is effective against sporous forms  of microorganisms and tuberculosis mycrobacteria.
It’s also effective against the mycrobacteria strain steady against antibiotic preparations, does not lose the antiseptic activity in the presence of protein compounds.


Milekonsтм is implicating as antiseptic and preserving ingredient for processing of volume surfaces of foodstuff, various industrial premises and buildings, packing materials and container:
  • In the agricultural industry application effective at processing vegetable, fruit, grains and grain-bean and other production of crop production;
  • In the diary industry - as preservative at manufacturing of milk, sour cream and other dairy products, at processing of the process equipment, industrial premises and working clothes;
  • In the meat industry – as preservative at processing of various kinds of sausage and meat products, forcemeat manufacturing, and also at processing of production wastes for animal feeding purposes. The preparation is effective at processing of packing materials and container, industrial premises and working clothes;
  • On poultry, hog-and-pig breeding farms and stock-farms the preparation is effective at processing of industrial premises, incubators and cases, and also at processing of eggs, poultry and carcasses and packing materials and container;
  • In brewing, manufacture of soft drinks and juice a preparation in concentration 0,2 – 1,6 mg / ml can be used for prevention of turning sour and damage of beer, soft drinks and juice, processing of the process equipment, industrial premises and working clothes;
  • In manufacture of baking yeast the preparation is effective in concentration 0,0025 – 0,025 % to decrease yeast contaminations of other flora and increases of product safety at storage in various temperature and time conditions.
Expense Milekonsтм fluctuates in the range from 5 to 50 ml on 1м2 a processed surface:
  • The solution is applied to processing of surfaces of premises, packing materials and container, and also finished goods and half-finished products in concentration 0,1 – 3,0 % unitary depending on quantitative and specific structure of microorganisms, which contaminate processed surface;
  • At air processing in working premises in concentration 0,1 – 3,0 % make the preparation expense from 5 to 20 ml on 1м3 volume.
At injection in structure of various foodstuff the preservative dose can vary from 0,02 to 1,6 mg/l/kg.

Milekonsтм is harmless substances on parameters of toxicity concerns.
The preparation does not influence the common condition, hematological indicators, coagulability of blood, protein and lipidous metabolism, antitoxic liver function. It is not revealed cardio - and nephrotoxic actions, embryotoxic and teratogen properties.
The preparation does not possess irritating and sensibility action.
Long practical application of a preparation has shown absence at the people contacting to it, the phenomena allergies and dermatitis.


Milekonsтм  is stored in a dry place at temperatures from -15°C to + 30°С.
Useful time closed 25% solution of a preparation – 5 years, working solutions – 1 year.


The certificate on the state registration
№ У.13055.11.06 from 30.11.2006
The Sanitary-and-epidemiologic conclusion
№ Т.002271.11.06 from 30.11.2006
It is made on TU-9160-002-49620932-06
The certificate on a trade mark № 291247

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